Plastic-Free with LUSH

Monday, May 08, 2017

For some months now, I have made it my mission to find plastic-free bath, body and hair products, that are of great quality and do what they promise to do. I ended up finding many amazing alternatives in one of my favourite shops, which is LUSH. Ranging anywhere from hair care, bath bombs, skin care, to even makeup, their products are always a winner in my book. 

This was probably the hardest challenge for me: finding a shampoo and a conditioner that doesn't come in a plastic bottle and is full of chemicals and other weird stuff that really no-one needs. LUSH has an amazing range of solid shampoo and conditioner bars. No matter if your hair is curly or straight, thick or thin, greasy or dry, they will have at least one product that fits all of your needs perfectly. 
I tried the Montalbano shampoo bar, which is a lemon scented one, and I absolutely loved it. It really helped my hair last a lot longer before getting all greasy again and desperately needing to be washed. Then, I also tried the Seanik one, which is made from Nori Seaweed. I found that this one didn't last as long as the citrus one in terms of non-greasy hair, but I liked it just as much, probably because it smells amazing. For conditioner, I have tried Sugar Daddy-O and I have to say am really impressed by how well this one works in keeping my ends moisturised. 

After having tried solid shampoo bars for a couple of months now, I have to say I actually prefer them to regular liquid shampoo. They last a really long time and are so easy and handy to use. I just massage my scalp with the little bar until it is all foamed up (which doesn't even take ten seconds); that is literally it.

Just like there are solid shampoo bars, you can use soap bars instead of a shower gel. My absolute favourite one is Honey I Washed The Kids, which, needless to say, smells and is made of honey. In terms of body scrub, I am a huge fan of The Rough With The Smooth. This one is a red, solid scrub bar which has a really unique scent to it. And while it is great at exfoliating your skin, it also moisturises it very well due to the Patchouli Oil in it. The last product I want to mention here is the King Of Skin. Because of the avocado, which is a main ingredient for this shower bar, it leaves your skin super soft after using it. It is basically a in-the-shower-body-lotion. You rub it all over your skin and then wash it off again; perfect for the lazy girl who doesn't have the extra time to moisturise after she gets out of the shower.

If you are a face mask enthusiast, then you should definitely check out the various masks they sell at LUSH. They are incredibly fresh and great for your skin. My favourite one is the Cupcake face mask which is basically all chocolate, and who doesn't love chocolate, right?

I don't think I need to introduce anyone here to LUSH bath bombs, as they are so well known and for a good reason. They are simply the best. Amongst my favourites are: Butterball, Tisty Tosty, Avobath, Blackberry, and Twilight.

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