Introducing Oscar

Sunday, January 08, 2017

For many years now, I have been afraid of dogs. It all goes back to that one day as a child, when my neighbour’s German Shepherd threw me off my unicycle and started barking at me like crazy. I was about 10 years old back then. Who wouldn’t be scared, right?

So naturally, pretty much all of my family thought I was going crazy when telling them that I wanted a dog. This was about 2 years ago, now. Ever since then I was looking into different breeds of dogs to find the perfect one for me. Finally, after months of going back and forth, I decided on a Labrador. So I started to look for a breeder. After many failed attempts, I happened to find a very nice couple near Graz breeding Labrador dogs (I will link their page here for you). And incredibly enough, one of their dogs had been pregnant at that time, with not long to go until her due day.

On August 14th, 2016, I received an email telling me that eleven little Labrador puppies had been born that very day and that one of them would be mine.
When they were 7 weeks old, I travelled to Graz to visit the little cuties, get to know them and decide, which one of them would be coming home with me two weeks later. I have never seen anything more perfect than eleven tiny balls of fluff running towards me being so incredibly happy and wanting to play. One of them however, a yellow male, was especially interested in me. He wouldn’t leave my side, chewing on my shirt, my shoelaces and my hair. After a while of playing with some sort of twig, he placed it in my hand, put his head into my other hand and fell asleep on my lap. This was it. I knew that he would be my own little bundle of fluff and joy. It was really hard to leave him behind that day and wait another two weeks to finally come and pick him up. And when the day came, I was crying tears of joy.

I named him Oscar. And he is the most perfect little puppy I have ever seen. The way he looks at me when he wakes up in the morning and when he goes to sleep at night is heart-warming. His smile when you scratch his belly and ears truly brightens up any given day. This, now not so little anymore, ball of energy running through the house, collection my socks and shirts and hiding them in his bed has caught my heart and I love him so incredibly much. He’s like a shadow, following me around at all times.

I never knew, that humans and animals could develop such a strong bond and friendship, trust and love. And I am eternally grateful for being able to experience this. There have been countless times when I looked him in the eye and forgot that he wasn’t human. But what does that matter? Does one have to be human to be loved and trusted? Does one have to be human to be able to dream and feel? Absolutely not! And it’s sad that so many people seem to fail to understand this.

As I am writing this, my little darling is sleeping right next to me, cuddling his little teddy. But since it is almost time to feed him, please excuse me while I go and prepare Oscar’s dinner.

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