My Study Essentials for Uni

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Even though the semester is practically done for now, I have one really large exam in October. It is criminal law, which is a both written and oral exam. I believe it is the third biggest exam of the whole entire study, so you can imagine there's quite a few books to get through, which means I will be spending my summer holiday in the library studying and preparing for October. In order to master this, I picked up quite a few things, so I thought I would show you my study essentials and tips for an exam at Uni / college or even school.


Post-it notes
You will notice while reading this whole post that I am one crazy lover of really colourful things especially for getting organised and studying. If you saw my law books, you'd probably understand why I need so many of them. We are indeed allowed to use all different kinds of code of laws for our exams, but if you ever held one and opened it, you might know that it is practically impossible to remember all of the thousands of paragraphs, where they are and what they say. So it is an absolute essential for me to organise my law codes with post it notes to make it easier for me to quickly find the paragraphs and individual laws I need.

This one probably goes without saying. I love to use lots of different colours to highlight different things in my books, so I can find them easier when looking for them and it also helps me remember the text a lot easier when everything is so colourful and organised. I especially like those highlighters from Stabilo, as they are so small and handy, so I can bring lots of different colours and don't need tons of space to store them.

Index cards
When I have to study a lot, especially when it is hundreds of paragraphs, I like to use index card. I usually read through a chapter, highlight some things and then write a few things on an index card, so it is really easy to flick through all of the information summarised at some points. It is also great for remembering all of the different things, since I can draw random cards, try to remember what it was about and then check if I was right.

Make a study plan
It took me quite some time to master the art of making study plan that also work and are easy to stick to. In the beginning, I used to plan in way too little time, which led to me getting frustrated, not sticking to the plan, not doing anything at all and then, roughly a week before the exam, realising my desperate situation and ending up all stressed out. The biggest tip is to plan in a lot more time than you actually need. Because there will be days, where you won't do anything, so those need to be calculated in as well. Also, leave time at the end of the plan to repeat everything and also relax a little so you won't be too overworked before the exam. Lately, I didn't even set myself a daily goal, like 20-30 paged or something like that, as I feel like once I reached it, I didn't continue even if there was enough time and energy to do a little bit more. Plus, if you didn't meet the daily goal, you will be really frustrated. So I just went into the day, see how far I would get and this would usually be loads more than I originally anticipated.


What are your tips and essentials for studying for a big exam? Let me know, maybe there are some things I missed out on and I can pick them up!

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