My Red Lipstick Collection

Wednesday, July 06, 2016

At the beginning of the year, I cleaned out my makeup stash and a couple of weeks ago, I cleared out even more of my lipsticks. I got rid of some really ones and also the ones I wasn't wearing at all. This left me with only six red lipsticks (and obviously loads of others like my beloved purple, pink and nude shades).

I am starting off with this darkest and also my favourite red lipstick here. I have written about this little darling so many times already that I won't bore you long with featuring it again. I just can't stop telling people about this beautiful deep and dark red colour, with a hint of plum and this great and flattering matte finish. It doesn't dry out my lips and lasts for ages. What more could you want, right?

This is a very unique shade. It isn't the classic red you would know, it is more of a dark brown lipstick with a lot of red mixed into it. I find this extremely flattering and easy to wear. It applied really easy, lasts a long time and when it starts to fade, it doesn't look funny and leave that weird line we all dread. 

This lipstick was part of Kiko's Rebel Romantics collection that came out last autumn. In the tube, this lipstick looks a lot darker than it actually is when applied to the lips. This is probably because it has such a creamy texture, which makes it hard to layer up and just leaves you with a bit of colour. I will link the post I wrote about this product last year here for you.

Catrice Precious Lip Colour in C03
This product, again, is from a limited collection that launched last winter. The collection had two lipsticks, this red one and a nude one, which I also bought, but hated. The red shade, however, is lovely. It has a really glossy finish to it and applies not sheer, but not too pigmented either. It doesn't last the longest, to tell the truth, but it doesn't fade in a weird way, so even if you don't reapply it right away, it still looks ok.

I never thought I would like a really bright, red lipstick, but here is the exception. This is probably the colour we all think of when we think of a red lipstick. I don't feel like this suits me as well as the other shades above, however, on the occasion, I do like to step out of my comfort zone a little bit. The only thing I don't like about this lipstick is the scent. It is so strong and quite chemically and on some days, it completely puts me.

What are your go to and favourite red lipsticks? Let me know so I can try out some more and enlarge my collection again.

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