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Wednesday, July 20, 2016

I need to make a confession: I am a full-blown series addict. Till this day, I spend hundreds and thousands of hours watching one episode after another and all together, I have probably seen more series than I can even remember. There is no genre I haven't had a look at and today I want to talk a little bit more about my favourite genre and kind of series: everything related to action, thriller, law and crime. Here are my 5 favourite series. (Links to the Trailers are in the Titles.)

This is probably my favourite series of all time. To this day, I have watched the whole series three times already and at the moment I am on my fourth round, this time in Italian. If you haven't heard about this one yet, then, let me ask you where you have been? It is about two brothers, where one of them was wrongfully convicted and sentenced to death, so the other and younger one tries to help him and, as the title would suggest, break him out of prison. Every single episode is so exciting and thrilling, and packed with lots of action and also violent events. This series ended in 2009, but luckily, they are bringing it back in 2016/2017!

This one is not as violent and rough as Prison Break, however, I love it just as much. It is about a convicted con-artist and art forger called Neal Caffrey who gets an opportunity to work for the FBI and help them solve art and white collar related crimes. Believe me when I say that this isn't the typical criminal consultant, or CSI series. Even though there are new cases and crimes roughly every episode, it doesn't focus on this, but on the story of Neal, his lost girlfriend Kate, the FBI agent Peter Burke and Mozzie, Neal's criminal and incredibly funny best friend. This series, again, is one that I have seen more than just one time and I will never get enough of it. Oh and did I mention how handsome Neal is?

Now, it doesn't get any more exclusive and brand new than this series. It is a mini series which is going to consist of eight, one hour long episodes, where the first one aired on Sunday, July 10th. There are only two episodes out yet, however, I already know I am going to love it so much. The series tells the story of a Pakistani-American student in NYC, who, due to some unfortunate events, ends up being arrested and accused of homicide, even though he is innocent (or at least that what it looks like in the first two episodes). It is so thrilling and incredibly well shot, so every time I watch it I get the feeling as though I am in the middle of it. You won't regret watching this one, trust me!

I believe everyone has heard of Suits by now, the story of Mike Ross, who isn't allowed to finish his law studies, but ends up working in a law firm as a proper attorney nevertheless. He and the lawyer who hired him, Harvey Specter, will do anything to help their clients, even if it means that they have to leave legal ground some times and cross the border to illegal ones. Just like with White Collar, it isn't the typical "let's solve cases" series, but focuses a lot more on the personal and troubled lives of the characters.

This also fairly new series tells the story of Annalise Keating, who is a professor for criminal law, and a handful of her students, who she hired for her own law firm. Pretty quickly, however, they students find out that Annalise herself isn't always on the legal side of things and so one things leads to another and they all find themselves in a huge amount of trouble. As a law student myself (and at the moment also criminal law), this series is perfect for me and also everyone else, who likes a little action and crime with their TV programme.

Those are my 5 favourite series of all time, even though I have watched and loved many more. Have you seen those series before? What do you think of them and are there any others you can recommend to me?

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