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Monday, July 25, 2016

Lately has been quite the time for me. Up until the beginning of June, I was really getting along with my workout routine, talking regular walks and eating and cooking healthy food. Then, however, my birthday was a turning point. I was planning on going to a festival with my friends the next day really early in the morning. So, the evening before, I put some final things into my huge backpack and when I tried to put it on and adjust some things, I ended up injuring my back. My spine and back has always been my weak spot, since I was very little. So when I felt pain, like someone had pushed a knife into my lower back and dragged it up and down, my mom took me straight to the hospital and emergency room. I had trouble stretching my legs when sitting down on the floor, couldn't lean over or pick something up from the floor, and sitting all together was really painful. The doctors told me that I had most likely torn a muscle fibre and hurt some nerves. For the next week, this meant spending my days in bed, not moving and being on pain killers. It got better and better and just when I thought I had healed completely, I picked up a pretty heavy bag and the pain was all back again. This, however, led us to believe that it wasn't only a muscle fibre, but also my whole spine that had been dislocated a bit (which had happened before so many times). So now this means I am back to therapy for a couple of weeks / months. As you can imagine, I wasn't allowed to work out or do any kinds of sports. Now, however, my doctors told me that I am able to again and should try to get back into it slowly, but still.

Working Out Again
I am going to start my new workout plan today. For this, I downloaded the Nike+ Training Club app, which is a great way to get back on track and also stay fit and healthy. It contains hundreds of different, separate workouts, but also puts together and generates unique 4-5 weeks, training and workout plans for your requirements. This time, I generated the Start Up Workout Plan, added 3 to 4 workouts a week, excluded runs and choose the start date for today, Monday 25th. I will also try and add in some walks when I have a little more time on my hands

Eating Healthy
Even though I wasn't being active for the last couple of weeks, I still managed and made an effort to eat healthily. I cut back on eating out and excluded fast food completely from my meal plan and instead, I found joy again in cooking a lot more myself. Through making a conscious effort in thinking about what I put into my body, I gained a lot more energy and my skin cleared up so well. I cut out dairy from my diet, which was such a huge improvement and made a massive difference.


If you also want to get back on track and eat a little more healthy and get fit again, feel free to join me! Go download the Nike+ Training Club app and start working out with me. I will be sharing my experiences with the workouts and also try and include some recipes I have been trying out and loving. If you have any recipes for me to try out, please leave them in the comments down below for me!

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