6 Makeup Staples for a Summer Holiday

Monday, July 11, 2016

Let me introduce you to this new little addition to my plant collection: He shall be called Hector and he shall be mine. And yes, I just quoted Dory.

Right now as you are reading this, I am on holiday in Italy and probably just somewhere swimming in the sea or sunbathing on the beach. Now I thought, what better occasion than to tell you guys about the top 6 makeup staples I need to bring for every summer vacation I go on.


This first one is a really obvious one. I don't believe I have to tell anyone how important sunscreen is, especially if you are on holiday and exposed to the sun 24/7. And since I am not really a fan of wearing a full coverage foundation on holiday, (to be honest, I rarely wear any makeup when I am on vacation, but sometimes in the evenings it is really nice), so this BB cream is the perfect solution. If you want a few more details about it, I'm linking the post I wrote about it here for you.

Even though I don't really wear a lot of powder on holiday, I do like to apply a generous amount of bronzer. This one is my absolute favourite at the moment because of its two different colour in the pan. Swirled together, the dark matte colour and the lighter and shimmery shade look so flattering and natural on the face. 

I know, I talked about this one a lot lately. I just love it so much and I haven't come across a similar product yet at all. It is the perfect highlighter shade for summer since it is such a warm and bronze colour. I apply this on my temples, nose, chin, cupid's bow and basically everywhere on my face since it is so freakin' beautiful. 

Even if I don't wear a lot of makeup, mascara is a step I never miss (except for when I go to the beach and I know I will be swimming a lot, then of course, it's unnecessary). I tried a lot of mascaras and this one is one of my absolute favs. I described it a lot better and in more detail in another post I did recently, so I'll link that here for you in case you are interested.

This is another Benefit product I am so impressed with. I never got around to try this little guy, since the price always seemed to throw me off (and I didn't find the exact colour match for me in the two shades they had). Since they came out with a third shade, I couldn't resist any longer and had to get it. I love how quick and easy it is and still looks so perfect. Lovely for a lazy day on holiday.

What would a holiday be without a purple / pink lipstick? This one is one of my faves, as it is a little more sheer and not so "in your face", which is great, as I am not wearing too much makeup on holiday (as I've mentioned a good 100 times in this post already) and neon lipcolour would be a bit overkill. 


What are your holiday makeup essentials?

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