What I am wearing on my Lashes

Monday, June 27, 2016

I am really picky when it comes to mascara. There are so many things that I expect it to do and also don't want it to do. Since my lashes are naturally quite long, I don't really need a mascara that focuses on lenghtening. However, what I do like is when a mascara defines the lashes without making them look spidery and weird, so a bit of volume is great, too. I am also one of those people who spend ages on doing their lashes as I tend to apply multiple coats and layers. 


This is my all time favourite mascara, by far. It is the perfect combination of volumizing, defining, and even a bit lenghtening. You can use this mascara right after first opening it, which is great, as there are some mascaras you just have to open and leave for a while so it can dry out a little bit. The brush is an old-fashioned, really simple and straight applicator, which does a great job in separating my lashes. I also really enjoy the slick and simple packaging of this mascara. Bobbi Brown just basically nailed it with this product!

This one is right on second place of my "favourite mascaras to use" list. It has a slightly longer wand than the Bobbi Brown one, which I like a little less, to be honest. It feels a lot rougher and I have to be quite careful while using it, otherwise I'd pinch my eye and trust me, that's painful. Again, just like my all time favourite mascara, this one is giving both volume and definition to my lashes in a really good way. 

This one is quite unique. I was so intrigued by the two different products / steps inside. The first one, which is mainly why I am featuring it here, is a white lash primer. I was sceptical before using this the first time, to be honest. However, I have to admit that I am absolutely impressed. It adds so much volume and even length to the lashes. The only thing that scared me at first was it's prominent white colour. After applying your regular mascara, however, it doesn't shine through and looks great. I am not too impressed with the actual mascara it comes with, but I just tend to use the primer with my other two faves whenever I fancy some extra drama.


Have you tried any of those three mascaras before? And what are your favourite ones? Let me know down below!

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