The Dry Shampoo for your Makeup Brushes

Friday, June 24, 2016

Don't we lazy girls all know the trouble of cleaning our makeup brushes? I hardly ever do it, as it is just too much work, even though, I know, it isn't the best thing concerning my skin and hygiene. It is even more annoying, when I want to do a different makeup look than usual, but all of my brushes are dirty. Can I be bothered to go to the bathroom, clean them, wait until they are dry or even use my hair dryer? No, most definitely not. This is why it was such a great discovery when I found out about this Brush Cleanser by Mac. 

On the back of the bottle it says to apply to damp brushes and work it into the bristles, then to wash out and leave brushes to dry. This is what I do when I have a lot of time and actually can be bothered to clean my brushes thoroughly. 

What I do instead is take a tissue, apply a little bit of the liquid onto it and use it to take off any product left on the brush. It is clean and dry within seconds and ready to use again. It is definitely not a final solution, and the brushes have to be washed thoroughly at some point, yet you can prolong the phases in between those washes, just like a dry shampoo for your hair.

It comes in really handy if you are doing a complex eye look where you need to blend a ton of different shadows. Not everyone has hundreds of clean blending brushes, so you can just clean the ones you have and continue doing your makeup within seconds. Isn't this just a dream?


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