Morning Routine

Monday, June 06, 2016

Having a certain routine really helps me to get all ready and motivated for work and Uni stuff in the morning. Especially since finishing school, getting up in the mornings and actually getting things done has become one of the hardest tasks of my days. This is because "technically", I wouldn't even have to wake up early, as I work from home and don't have to attend more than 2 classes for Uni per week. So creating a routine I can stick to has proved to be vital for both my productivity and also health.


Getting up at 7 am every single day.
It may sound silly to some people, but all of you who work from home will understand: Once you get used to sleeping in every single day (which happens so quickly), forcing yourself to wake up early is really hard. Key here, is to wake up at the same time every time, so your body and mind can get used to it again.

Hydrating after waking up.
I never really believed that having a glass of water right after waking up in the morning does any good. The truth is, it changes the game completely. I mean, think about it: During the day no one questions that staying hydrated is essential, so after sleeping for a good eight hours (without drinking any water), your body is really thirsty. For me, this works almost as well as having a cold shower in terms of waking up and not feeling tired anymore.

Working out in the morning.
I have always been the person who works out in the evening. Quite a lot of the times, however, I was so tired after a long day that I decided not to workout at all (yay lazy me). So a few weeks ago I changed it up a bit and moved my workout time from around seven thirty pm to seven thirty am. I have to admit, it takes a lot of overcoming to actually start moving your body early in the morning, but it is totally worth it. I have so much more energy during the day!

Taking a shower.
I think this goes practically without saying. After working out and sweating, I need to take a shower. And to be honest, is there anything more relaxing than a shower in the morning and a total cleanse? I absolutely love it!

Having Breakfast.
I am not the biggest fan of having breakfast right after I wake up, so I usually start working or studying first and have a little snack before lunch. However, breakfast is really important for your body, so I try to have a little meal every morning nevertheless. Lately I have been loving porridge, which I made with rice milk, and I add chia seed, coconut flakes, chopped up banana and some berries. Also, is there anything better than a good old cup of tea in the morning? 

Starting the day.
This is usually the moment when I grab my cup of tea and wander to my desk to get some things done. I prefer working before noon rather than in the afternoon, even though it means getting up quite early. But the feeling of having done all of your work at five pm the latest is just too good. Plus, I have the whole evening to relax or go out and spend some time with my friends. 


Do you have a certain routine you do in the morning? If so, please let me know, maybe I can add some things into mine!

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