Four Favourites for June

Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Another month has passed and this time it is June, which makes me a little extra sad. June is my birthday month, as you may know, if you have been around for a little bit, and I always look forward to it. However, June ending is also a really great thing since it means University is about to end aswell and my first vacation this summer isn't far away anymore. Just like any other month, I picked out my four favourite things to be featured in this post.


This gorgeous little thing has just been featured in another blog post last week, so this shows you how much I love it. Since picking it up, it has quickly become my go-to, everyday lip colour of choice. It is just so easy to slap on and looks still really flattering on the lips. Even though it doesn't last that long, which lip glosses never do, I find, it at least doesn't fade in a weird way, which is a huge bonus! If you want to have a little more information about it, click here to read my other post on this gloss.

This little guy has phases where it is absolutely loved (just like now), and then there are time where I forget I even own it, which is such a shame, as it is absolutely stunning. I love its unique, deep pink, almost purple colour, with this beautiful sheen to it. It isn't the most pigmented blush, but I feel like non of the Clinique blushes are, which isn't a bad thing at all. It is just right, if you ask me. So you don't tend to overapply every single time you use it. 

I have featured this nail polish in so many posts already, I don't even remember how many it was exactly. But it is just too perfect not to be mentioned every now and then. To be honest, this is probably my all time favourite nail polish shade ever and just like all of the other Essie polishes, it lasts for at least a week without chipping or fading away, which is incredible. 

I don't think I have yet shown you the latest addition to my nail varnish collection. I bought this one fairly recently and I have worn it pretty much ever since. To me, this orange colour with a hint of coral just screams spring and summer. With its great applicator, it is a dream to apply and lasts for at least 7 days, just like the packaging with those polishes promises. I have never worn orange nail polish before and I wasn't sure if it would fit me too well, but I have to say I really like it. 


What are your favourites from the month of June? Let me know, so I can try them out and love them aswell!

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