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Monday, May 23, 2016

Nail polish and I have a love-hate relationship. There weeks when I love to repaint my nails every other day, changing colours and adding some fancy nail art. However, there are other weeks when I just can't be bothered to deal with the chipping, so I end up not painting my nails at all. And thinking about it, they probably thank me for a break once in a while. 

Usually those "breaks" happen at the end of a season, when I have been wearing the same colours over and over again and can't stand to see them anymore. And since the weather has been so great lately, and Spring slowly starts turning into Summer, I changed my nail polish wardrobe again. 

My top three nail polishes this season are quite different from last year's. Last year I just to wear anything from bright greens to bright blues, pinks and oranges. This year, however, I am a huge fan of more neutral colours. Still, there is one old and bright favourite, I can't help but wear a lot. 


This colour is so unique. In some lights it is blue, in others it looks more green, but still, every time it is amazingly beautiful. Every time I wear it, I can't help but stare at my nails. They look so fun and bright, but still sophisticated and well put together. One of my best guy friends even complimented me on it, so this means a lot in my opinion. I mean, when do guys really notice what nail polish you are wearing, right?

I have written about this one a lot, already. And it is still one of my absolute favourites. There is nothing more chic looking and versatile than white nail polish. It fits absolutely every outfit, looks good every season, and this one by Essie is so easy to apply and completely chip proof for a week.

This is a rather new shade, I believe. I picked it up quite recently and have worn it a lot ever since. It is really similar to Essie's Sand Tropez, however, I like it a little better. It stays even longer on the nails than Essie's polishes and it is easier to apply, if that is even possible. Such an easy shade to wear!

What are your go to colours and favourite nail polishes at the moment? I'd really like to update and sort out my stash a bit, so I would be really grateful for some recommendations!

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