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Friday, April 01, 2016

Hello to every one of you who is still there, waiting for an update and a sign of life. 

So I know what you are thinking: what rock have you been hiding under? And to be honest, I really don't know. It feels like it was only one week that I didn't post anything new on the blog, but looking back, it was definitely more. And where that came from, you may ask? No clue, at all. 
It started out as me being a busy bee studying for my economics exam (which I nailed, by the way, so yay for that). After that I needed a few days to just do absolutely nothing. Sleeping, eating, watching series and the eventual drink with friends. 

What happened then was something I didn't really see coming at all. If you have been around for quite a while now, you may remember me talking about my mental health story sometime last year (don't bother looking for that post, because I took it down again as I had a panic attack over it shortly after I uploaded it). If you don't know what I am talking about, long story short for you: I used to suffer from depression and anxiety and other small things bothering me and my health. It got a lot better over the last year. The ups got longer and the downs remarkably shorter and a lot more rare. So rare, in fact, that I started thinking the were gone completely. This month showed me that this, sadly, is not true. I'm fine now, and it was a lot less intense this time, however, it was there again, that deep and dark black hole. 

After quite a while now where I wanted to come back to blogging and social media, I finally decided it was time. I wanted to wait just a little longer to make absolutely sure I was feeling ok again. Thanks to my amazing friends (both on the Internet and real life) and to your support, I got out a lot faster and easier and I feel like I am absolutely fine again. For that I want to say thank you. 

So don't you worry, if you managed to stay around until now and had all the patience with me that you did, blog posts are starting to come your way next week. I got the whole month of April planned out already, sticking to my usual schedule of posts on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Thank you for sticking around and all the support. It means a lot!


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