Drugstore Makeup Clean Out #3

Monday, April 18, 2016

For the third part of my Drugstore Makeup Clean Out Series, I am going to show you all of the lip products I am getting rid of. If you missed part one and part two, and you want to read up on them first, I will link them for you here. 

Look by BIPA Colour Lip Gloss in the shade 03 Baby Doll
I will start this post off with the only lip gloss I am throwing out. I have never been a great lover of lip glosses, and I don't even own a lot of them, but I can work with the others I own, this one, however, is a no go for me. I don't even know why I bought it to begin it, to be honest, but now is finally the time to say goodbye. I tried other lip glosses from this line and they were all super pigmented and great to wear, but this one did nothing for me. I even tried to use it as a highlight to put on top of lipsticks and other glosses, but nothing worked.

I am really sad about this product, because I really love the shade of it. It has such a creamy texture and the colour applies beautifully. However, the scent and taste of it are horrible. It isn't only a little weird, it is bad enough for me not to be able to wear this lipstick for longer than 10 seconds. I had to take it off immediately, because it was making my lips feel all tingly and I just couldn't work with. 

This product looked really cool in the store. This orange/pink see through lipstick just had to come with me to be tried out. It is supposed to enhance the natural lip colour and both moisturise and add shine to the lips. It did absolutely nothing, though. It was really sticky and not moisturising at all, as it just sat on top of my lips. Well yes, it did make my lips shinier, but that also happens when I use a normal lip balm, so why use this product, which also tastes really weird. Not my favourite purchase.

Catrice Precious Lip Colour in C01 Jewel Daze
I bought this shortly before Christmas, as it was part of their limited edition, Holiday product line. To begin with, I never was a huge fan of Catrice lipsticks. They aren't lasting really well and most of them look really streaky and blotchy if you apply them. Want to know why I bought it either way? I loved the packaging. The shade, however, was horrible. It was such a weird looking nude, with an orange undertone, which made me look ill and unhealthy when wearing it. A total miss for me.

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