Drugstore Makeup Clean Out #2

Monday, April 11, 2016

As you probably already guessed by the title, this is going to be the second part of my Spring Makeup Clean Out series. If you didn't catch part one, I'll link it here for you. After sorting and cleaning out my base products, today, I am going to show you the eyeliners I got rid of.

What drew me to this eyeliner in the first place was it's very long and thin tip. I figured, that it would make applying winged liner so much easier and precise, even on days where I don't have so much time to deal with my makeup. For the first two to three weeks, this worked out pretty well. However, it started drying out really quickly, but in such a weird way. Somehow, all of the product seemed to stay at the very back of the felt tip, while the long and thin, pointy end lost it's texture completely and dried out in less than four weeks. Drawing a fine line is almost impossible like this, because you can't work with the (now) very elastic tip, but if you try to just use the back of it, it goes every where. So I wasn't overly impressed with this product to be honest.

I picked this one up in quite a hurry when I was travelling last summer, so I didn't pay much attention to what the applicator looks like. It has a really thick, felt tip, which makes it so hard to apply it in a fine line. Further more, as I find happens with most of the drugstore eyeliners I tried, the tip started to loose it's form completely after using it a couple times and little strings of material started to peek out. Also, the colour was never as opaque as I wanted it to be and thus, it was quite a struggle to apply and build up the product without it getting all messy and smudged. So a definite no for me.

Third Eyeliner on the Picture
Nope, this eyeliner is not called that way, but I had this one for such a long time that every single letter and piece of writing on there came off. There is nothing left, as you can see on the picture, and I seriously don't remember what brand it was from, although I am pretty sure it wasn't even a drugstore eyeliner. The tip with this one was a dream and the colour was really opaque and gorgeous. It lasted for such a long time and I am quite sad that I don't remember what it is called. 

I had this one for quite some time as well, and since I bought it, the repackaged it, but I am pretty sure they kept the same formula. I really enjoyed using this one, as it is such a beautiful and neutral colour. The reason I am throwing this out, though, is not because it is totally empty, as you can see above. I dropped this pencil once and accidentally stepped on it while trying to pick it up again (feel free to laugh, because just thinking about it is hilarious.... clumsy me). Since then, the product is all broken inside, so when I try to sharpen it, it crumbles and there is just no way I could use it anymore. But I am definitely going to repurchase it.

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