Drugstore Makeup Clean Out #1

Monday, April 04, 2016

As Spring comes around, everyone seems to be in the mood to clean and sort out their stuff, me included. So, finally, I came around to clean my makeup drawers and throw out products that have gone off, dried out or that I just didn't like enough to keep. As I got rid of quite a lot, I decided to make it into a little series on my blog, that will go up during the course of April. This week's post is all about face products.

Facefinity All Day Flawless Foundation by Maxfactor
I'll start with the only foundation I am going to throw out. This was probably one of the first foundations I ever owned, so needless to say it is way to old to use any more, plus the colour has gone off and it started to dry out. It never quite fit me anyway, as it was too pink toned and my skin has a real olive undertone due to some Italian roots of mine.

Prime and Fine Primer by Catrice
This is probably one of my favourite primers. However, it is nearly empty and I haven't used it in quite a while so I am scared it could break me out. Better not take any risks when it comes to one's skin, right?

Allround Concealer Palette by Catrice
When I started out with makeup, I was all about buying a lot of cheap products instead of saving up for a couple of better quality ones. This palette is on of those products. I only really used one shade out of the five, as contouring wasn't a thing back then and I couldn't make sense of green and pink concealer. 

Cover Stick by Manhattan
Another concealer I am getting rid of. This product is really great, especially if you are a makeup beginner, but again I bought this one ages ago and I am pretty sure it has gone off, so bye to that.

Powder Blush in Macarons pour Marie by Catrice
Lip and Cheek Colour in Picked Cherry Blossoms by Catrice
Primark Blush
As you might know, I am a blush hoarder, so it took me quite a lot of self convincing to throw three of them out. However, as I said in a post I uploaded in January, I want to get rid of the things I don't use (especially cheap stuff), so I can upgrade to more high end products, without collection too much makeup. 
So, first blush I am getting rid of is this light pink one by Catrice. You might remember, but I bought this in December and I hated it. It looked so pretty in the pan but it does not show up what so ever on the skin and dusts right off. 
Second blush is also by Catrice and this was a limited edition Lip and Cheek Colour in this bright purple / pink. I think I never wore this, due to both the colour and the horrible texture. 
Last blush is from Primark. There is nothing really wrong with this product, to be honest, I just have a lot of other shades that are just like this one, but where the quality is a lot better. The only thing that annoys me about this blush is the horrible, cheap plastic packaging. There is plastic and then there is plastic, you know what I mean? And this one is definitely the worse kind. But what can you expect from 2€, right?

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