Battle of the BB Creams

Friday, April 22, 2016

Spring is finally here, which means longer days, warmer weather, brighter moods, and, for all makeup addicts like me, switching to a lighter base. Winter is usually the time of year where medium to high coverage foundations are part of my every day makeup routine. Now that a whole year has passed since last time Spring came around, and my favourite BB cream has been discontinued, I had to look for another good product I would like. I found two, and in today's post I am going to compare them for you, so you now, which one would be the better match for your skin and your likings.

I heard a lot of good things about this one, before I decided to purchase and try it. The fact, that it has SPF 30 is something I really welcome. It is really important to protect your skin from the sun and since I love the smell of sunscreen, I love putting this product on my face in the morning. The coverage with this BB cream is very very light. It evens out the skin tone and complexion, but if I have a bad skin day, this product won't do the trick. Also, "All-Day Glow" means I have to apply powder a few times a day, but that is fine with me. The only thing that I am not a huge fan of is the texture of this BB cream. It is extremely thick, which means I can't use a beauty blender and sometimes even brushes have a hard time to blend this in and I don't really like to apply foundation with my fingers. My favourite way to use this product is to mix it with another foundation to lighten it up.

First off, I like this BB cream a lot better than the Estee Lauder one. And the main reason for that is the different texture, which is a lot less thick and easier to apply. I use a brush first and then go over it with a beauty blender and the finish is just fantastic. The coverage is perfect for a BB cream, not too light and not too heavy. It also have SPF 35, which is great (plus it also smells like sunscreen). This product has a lot less of a pink undertone and this is something I am really happy about, because if a  foundation is too pink, it looks horrible on me. Last thing I love about it, is that it stays on for a really long time and even if I don't apply powder at all, it still looks great and not too greasy, which is very rare to find as a girl with oily skin.
(Here is a picture of me wearing the Bobbi Brown BB cream without powder:)

Have you tried any of those two BB creams before and if yes, which one do you prefer or like better? Are there any other BB creams you really enjoy using and would recommend?

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