The Peachy and Pink Blushes I Love

Friday, February 19, 2016

I have always been a huge lover of blushes, yet lately, my obsession has gone to a new level. I have been trying out a lot of new ones, and still, there are so many old favourites I rediscovered. And since I asked you guys on twitter yesterday which post you would like to read today, I am going to share my most worn and used blushes at the moment.

This one is a gorgeous, deep pink colour with the most beautiful shimmer in it. It is so pigmented and easy to apply, as it blends like a dream. I bought this blush in summer, yet I still like to apply it now in winter and I feel like it will also be perfect for those fresh and glowing spring makeup looks I am waiting for. I am not the biggest fan of too glittery blushes, but this one gets the amount of shimmer just right. 

This blush is something completely new for me. I never owned a cream blush before (can you believe it?), so when I was in KIKO a few weeks ago and saw this stunning colour, I had to try it. I apply it directly after doing my foundation and powder later. Its texture is great. It is so soft and really easy to blend. The colour of this blush may look a little dark at first, but blended in, it looks perfectly natural and healthy.

This one is a cult classic. If I am in a hurry or can't decide which blush to choose, I will most likely end up going for this one. Rockateur is probably my most used blush at the moment. It is this old rose colour which looks really elegant and still simple. I love the amount of shimmer in this blush. It is quite a lot, but it is still so settle, you barely notice, which makes it perfect in my opinion!

I just recently wrote a post about this palette and since then, I have been wearing this blush almost every day. I remember, one of the first times I had applied it, my best friend complimented me on it and this was it. It was the only blush I took with me on my one week winter holiday to my grandparents and I didn't regret it. It is this unique peachy pink shade which I wasn't sure at first whether it would suit me, but now I love it. It also stays on for ages and gives you just the most incredible, healthy looking glow you could wish for.

What are your favourite blushes at the moment (any recommendations for a blush obsessed makeup addict)? Have you tried any of the ones I mentioned above? If yes, would did you think of them?

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