Lush Prince Charming Shower Gel

Monday, February 22, 2016

This shower gel was given to me as a really generous gift by some friends, who I helped studying for an exam at uni. I really didn't expect anything in return, as I said they are my friends, so I will help them wherever I can, but needless to say, when they surprised me with this, I was beyond happy. 

I am a huge lover of all lush products, as probably every one of you knows. I enjoy the occasional bath bomb (ok, more than just occasional) and every time Christmas season comes around, I can't wait to repurchase the Rose Jam shower gel. Yet, I have never tried the Prince Charming shower gel before. 

The 10 year old girl inside of me got really excited when seeing a bright pink and glittery shower gel and frankly, my 18 year old self did too. My excitement got even bigger when using it the first time in the shower. I did hope for a little pink to show up, but I didn't expect this. The colour was amazingly intense, it even stained the bath water. However, it was really easy to wash off, so you wouldn't look like pink panther when leaving the bath. (Although it took me a little longer to finally get out of the bath tub because it was so much fun foaming up that bright pink glittery shampoo).

I was really glad that I liked the scent of this shower gel, as sometimes, with shower gels by lush, they have a really intense scent. Just like Lord of Misrule or Snow Fairy, I don't like those at all. I wouldn't say Prince Charming has a light scent to it, however, it is pleasant and relaxing. What I also enjoy about this product is its many benefits for the skin. With grapefruit oil as an important ingredient, it nurses and moisturises the skin perfectly well.

All together I can only find good words to write about this shower gel by lush and I have to recommend it to anyone out there wanting to try something new from lush's great range.

Have you tried this shower gel before? And what is your favourite shower gel by lush?

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