Four Favourites For February

Monday, February 29, 2016

And yet again it is time to write about four products that I have been loving throughout the last month. I know this is the typical thing to say at this point, but February has passed incredibly fast. Many things have happened and I really enjoyed my month off at uni. Tonight, as I am writing this, I am waiting for the Oscars to start and I am so excited to see who is going to win this year, as there are so many great nominees.

Throughout February, my skin has been improving drastically. It was neither too oily, nor too dry, there were almost no breakout, not even during that time of the month, if you know what I am talking about. I feel like this moisturiser has been the key to it. The tiniest amount will get you a long way. It sinks in really quickly and leaves the skin beautifully hydrated, without being greasy. Further more, it protects the skin from both heat and cold, so that is an immense bonus in my opinion.

Another saviour this month was this face mask. Even though it says 10 minute mask, I leave it on for a lot longer if I have time and it works wonders. Either all over the face, or as a spot treatment, it does its job in fighting breakouts and pores really well. Its texture is really rich and luxurious and feels like a great treat during a pamper evening. If you want to read more about it, here is an own post I wrote about it: Out of Trouble | Origins Facemask

Mac Toledo Ombre Blush in the shade Kindergarten Red
My makeup favourite for this month is this blush. Even though I did an own post on blushes this month, and this one wasn't featured, I used this a lot. I rediscovered this two weeks or so ago and I fell in love with it all over again. It is such a beautiful and unique product, as you can mix the different shades of pink just the way you want due to the ombre pattern. It is nicely pigmented, but not too much, so it makes it easy to apply and blend. Unfortunately, this is is a limited edition, so I couldn't find it anymore to link it for you.

I must have talked about this nail polish so many times, and yet, here I am again writing about it. I, as you will know, am a huge sucker for neutral nail varnishes and a white one is just so elegant, if you ask me. It is an eye catcher both during the day and at night. Essie polishes have such an amazing quality and you could even get away with only one coat of it. Also, it lasts for a whole week which is so great. 

What are your favourites for February? Tell me in the comments or leave me your blog links down below!

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