A Postcard from Winter Wonderland

Friday, February 12, 2016

Since there are no classes to attend at Uni during February, I thought I would use this free time to get away a little and visit my grandparents in Kaunertal, which is a really tiny valley in Tirol. With only one hour drive away from Innsbruck, it is so perfectly different up here. One is surrounded by nature with its great mountains, the forest on both sides of the valley. the tiny river in the middle and only a few houses here and there. Staying here immediately sets one back into other and earlier times; peaceful ones. So many great memories of my childhood were formed in this valley and I always enjoy coming back here. It reminds me of the simple things, teaches me to be grateful of what I have and to enjoy every moment of every day. This place is beautiful all year round, but in winter, when there is snow covering every bit of the valley, it is magical. It turns even more quiet and peaceful and is just the most relaxing place on earth. While staying here I always end up taking so many pictures, so today I want to show you some of them in order to share those breathtaking moments with you. I hope you enjoy them!

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