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Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Christmas is that one special time of the year when families and loved ones get together to share a warm meal on a very chilly day.  However it is seen as a growing trend nowadays that people enjoy personal time (being stuck to their gadgets, etc) over their family and friends.  Although an average person glued to their electronic gadget is either watching or reading some leisure or work stuff, movies come out to be a common favorite.  Therefore I have compiled a collective list of some all time loved movies that is sure to make almost every loved person in your life come and share the festival spirit with you.

I have divided the movies in terms of the audience you like being with:

1: Family Movies: (Comedy, Drama, and the spirit of Christmas)

Home alone series: Must watch if you have young kids in your home. This movie series teaches kids on how to be brave in times of crisis, and the importance of families. Heartwarming and funny to the bone, the movies are sure to keep you hearty for the festivals.

Dr Seuss’ How the Grinch Stole Christmas: Explaining the younger generation and reminding the older generation the true meaning of festivals, bonding.

Jingle all the way: A father’s struggle to provide his son the one gift he desires. Teaches children the sacrifices a father makes to provide his loved ones.

Father of the Bride Series: Again a father’s story on how he copes with the marriage of his beloved daughter, who shall now move away from his everyday life. 

A Christmas Carol (2009): An all time favorite classic written by Charles Dickens and first published in 1843, ‘A Christmas Carol’ has now become synonymous with every household’s traditional bed time Christmas story. This animated movie displays remarkable acting by actor Jim Carrey, astoundingly beautiful graphics and a well known story that has its special place in everyone’s hearts. 

Santa Clause Series: There have been numerous films based on the children’s favorite mythological character i.e Santa Clause. The series goes around the lives of Santa Clause and his busiest day of work i.e Christmas Eve. 

The polar Express: An animated movie about a young boy discovering the strength of belief and the wondrous adventure it unfolds.

Arthur Christmas: Another Santa clause based animated movie from a third person’s point of view on the fact that Christmas is more than gifts and children.

2: Movies to watch with your Soul mate/date (Romantic comedy, romantic drama):

It’s a Wonderful Life: A classic fantasy movie based on the story of a man who is made aware of the true value of his life.

Holiday Inn: Romance and drama based musical film; Holiday Inn explores the complexities of love and the need for human connection during festivals

Christmas in Connecticut: A story about how an aspiring and ambitious lady is forced to live her publicized lie in order to hide the truth.

12 Dates of Christmas: A story about a woman realizing she has been stuck in a time loop of unending Christmas dates and how she must overcome it.

Love Actually: A compilation of love stories that somehow share a universal connection

The Preacher’s wife: When an angel sent forth to assist a devout preacher, falls for his lonely wife, an awkward romance emerges.

While you were sleeping: A story that revolves around a misunderstanding of a troubled family towards an unknown woman and emerges as a romance in the midst of a chaos of emotions.

3: Movies to watch with your best friends/roommates:

Harold and Kumar series: When you have that one friend that is the cause and solution of all your miscalculated adventures then this movie series shall remind you of all the fun times you ever had.

Ted Series: A movie worth watching along with your true best friend, Ted helps your understanding of the materialistic world in a slapstick comical way.

Hangover series: If you are in the company of a few rib tickling comic friends then this movie is sure to keep you entertained. 

Elf: A Christmas based comedy that is sure to warm you when you feel lonely and out of touch with your family.

Ghostbusters: A 1980’s classic comedy action movie that is sure to keep you enticed for the evening. Not to forget, the famous catchy theme song of the movie that is bound to remain in your head for few days. 

Hope these movies catch your interest and warm you up on the cold winter night of Christmas Eve. Wish you and your friends/family a merry Christmas and a prosperous new year ahead.

Much Love,

For today's Christmas Chat, Priyanka took over the blog. Thank you so much!

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