A Letter To Myself | 2015

Thursday, December 31, 2015

Dear Sophie of 2015!

I am proud of you. I am really, really proud. Looking back at this year, I can hardly think of any bad things that have happened. Sure, not everything was great, but in total, 2015 was a really good year for you. First of all, you turned 18. You are and adult now, which means a lot more freedom, but also responsibility. So far, you have managed to cope with this really well. Also, you have finished school, graduated with great marks and started University. How exciting is this? So much has changed. Let's focus a little bit more on University: You did great in your first few exams, that is something to be proud of. But, more importantly, you found new friends there and you are feeling great and being confident with who you are. You accepted a lot of things and changed others. Not easy to do, but you did. Another thing you have accomplished is what you are working on right now: your blog. Going back in time, would you have imagined yourself being in this place at this time? Certainly not. You promised not to quit, which you didn't, and now look where you are at. 

And even though, or actually just because your year went this great, there are still a lot of things to do. For example: you said you wanted to do more sports and be more healthy. Well, eating at McDonald's almost once a week and not working out at all, but watching series instead isn't really what I have in mind when thinking of being healthy. Please, try and accomplish this in 2016, it's for your own good. Find your motivation, stay focused and work on it. You will feel better, I promise. Another thing that didn't really work out the way you wanted it to was keeping a diary. Yes, every now and then you have written something in it, but still, you missed a lot. Why not perfect this in the new year? 

Also, try to use this new year to learn and do new things, or rediscover old things, that you just didn't have enough time for. Read more books! You just purchased some, so don't let them catch dust in your shelves. Maybe also try and learn a new language. I know how much you enjoy languages, so use this changed and learn a new one. Spanish, maybe? Oh and how about more cooking? Be creative with it!

There are a lot of things to look forward to this year. Your 19th birthday, finishing your first year of University, visiting festivals with your cousin and also going to London and seeing Harry Potter in December. Oh and the best of all: You are going to get a dog in less then half a year! Even me writing this right now can't wait for the little guy to arrive anymore. So much excitement!

So stay focused, think of the things you want to achieve, have your goals in mind, try new things and, most importantly, have fun doing so! 

Make 2016 a great year with many magical moments and memories. 
Enjoy it. 

Your Future Self.

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