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Friday, December 18, 2015

It's Christmas time . . mistletoe and wine . . do do do do!

Okay, it's well and truly Christmas time and I've kindly been invited on to Sophie's blog to bring you some festive cheer, ho ho ho! Today, I have for you the top 5 things I love about Christmas time sooo, enjoy!

Now, no one can deny that Christmas is one of the best times of year when it comes to food. Being able to sit down with your family and tuck into a delicious homely meal - what could be better? I'm a sucker for anything with potatoes and gravy and actually, my favourite part is always the vegetables. GIMME THOSE SPROUTS AND PARSNIPS.

I've always loved celebrating at Christmas time because I find that it helps to bring everyone close together and I just love that. It's nice to spend quality time with friends and family and just appreciate one another. Its nice since everyone is usually in a good mood because it's Christmas too haha.

I absoloutley love gift giving (and it's always nice to receive gifts too!) and seeing the look on people's faces when I hand over a gift I've thought ever so carefully about. I love surprising people and especially giving people sentimental gifts in hopes of maybe making them shed a tear hehehe.

Can you really beat Christmas music? Like really? Who doesn't love a little bit of Wham! and Michael Buble? And oh, who could forget Justin Bieber's Christmas album, it's the best! I love walking down the street with my friends on a night out and singing 'LAST CHRISTMAS I GAVE YOU MY HEART' whilst passers by look at us like we're crazy!

Christmas basically signifies the year coming to an end and I guess allows you to reflect on the past 12 months. I love being able to think about the next 12 months I have to come and get my head in a motivated, clear mindset. As cheesy as it is to say, it's always nice to have a fresh start!

So there you go, there's 5 of my favourite things about Christmas time. Thank you so much to Sophie for having me on her blog and I hope you all enjoyed my little dash of festive cheer!

Merry Christmas!

Today, I am really excited to welcome Holly from Holly Loves The Simple Things over on my blog! Go send her some love!

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