Wearing Green on my Eyes | Sleek Au Naturel 601

Friday, November 20, 2015

Lately I have been a little more "daring" about my makeup and I really liked it, if I dare say so myself. I also brought out a couple of products and eyeshadow palettes that I have completely forgotten about to try out again. One of those was my Sleek Au Naturel Palette which I love. I don't even know why I ever stopped using this, because it is truly amazing. It is an all-purpose palette and I really enjoy all of the shades. One shadow that I have never really been wearing, however, was moss. It is a dark green shade with a hint of brown to it ( I know it doesn't exactly look like it in the picture, but I tried my best). I also never really strayed from my nude eye shadow colours, so green was a little too daring and exciting for me. Over the last few weeks, however, I finally got over myself and tried it, and I have to say I really enjoy wearing this greenish colour! So let me show you how I created a full eye makeup look using moss and a few other shades from this palette:

After using an eyeshadow primer on my lids, I started off with applying taupe all over my lid. This a silver champagne shade that still has a little bit of a gold sheen to it. I think it has something very special to it and thus makes a perfect base colour. Next I went in with moss. I put it in the crease and also on the outer corners of my eyelids, stopping a little bit before the centre. After blending it out, I used bark to define my outer crease a little more and also to slightly line my lower lash line. Finishing it off, I highlighted both my inner corners and my brow bones with the shade nougat, which is a perfect matte white colour. And this is basically it. I just applied a little bit of my favourite mascara and I was good to go.

I really like how the hint of green brings out my brown eyes and also how it complements my skin tone (as I have an olive undertone to my skin, rather than a pink one). Have you tried using a green eyeshadow before? Which one did you use and how did you like it? Let me know!

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