Banishing Blemishes | Current Skincare Routine

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

As I have already told you in my Origins Facemask post, my skin has been really bad lately. Spots everywhere, dry patches here, oily patches there, hyperpigmentation, redness, etc etc. Basically the whole palette of any bad thing possible going on on my face. Wonderful, isn't it? Don't we just all love those times.... This is when I stop using new products I am trying at the moment and where I have the suspicion that they might be the reason for my problem skin (and this time I had a very concrete suspicion) and I always go back to the few staple pieces of skincare where I know they work for me.

Starting with facewash, for me, my all time favourite and holy grail item is the Normaderm facewash by Vichy. It is such a gentle cleanser that not only get rid of any remaining makeup or old skin on your face, it also taked care of any blemishes. 
Following this, I use the Effaclar Spot Treatment by La Roche Posay. I recently also heard Anna form ViviannaDoesMakeup talk about the Effaclar range and its miracle spot-banning powers. And especially this little one does the trick for me. I put this on all of my blemishes and about-to-blemishes and it makes them disappear in no time. 
After having finished this step, I use the Normaderm moisturizer, again from Vichy, all over my face. In summer, this will be enough hydration for my face. However, i winter and as it gets colder outside, I go over it with a more hydrating cream. At the moment I use one from Nivea especially for dry skin. You might think now, why is she using a moisturizer for dry skin when she actually has oily skin. Let me tell you, sometimes I get the feeling that my skin is secretly dry and not oily and it produces only so much oil because it isn't hydrated enough. Sound logic? Hopefully.
And at this point, if I feel like I have to really wage a war against the spots, I will take my little bottle of Tea Tree Oil from The Body Shop and put this on my spots to help dry them out faster. 
I recently also started applying a cream on to my neck and here I used a simple one for all skintypes that I picked up in an austrian drugstore on the way home from work, so nothing too fancy.

What are your go to skincare products that help you to "banish those blemishes"? Let me know!

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