Out of Trouble | Origins Facemask

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

A few weeks back I ran out of my facial moisturiser, so I had to head out and buy a new one. Instead of repurchasing the one I had used up, which on hindsight I should have done, I opted for a completely new one to try out. I ended up buying a Clarins moisturiser (there will be a post on it next week). After using it for about one to two weeks, my skin got worse and worse. My forehead and temples were covered in spots, my chin was full of blackheads and both my nose and cheeks were one giant dry patch. Only after even more time had passed, stupid me started to realise that it was my new moisturiser which was breaking me out. So I needed something to save my skin and let it recover again.

This is when I went out to buy the Origins Out of Trouble Facemask. It is a 10 minute mask which was especially made to rescue problem skin. While it didn't only help immensely with the spots and blackheads, it also treats both too dry and also too oily skin (and don't ask me how this works, I am pretty sure it must be magic).

It is a thick, white cream, that I apply after washing and cleansing my face. And even though it says 10 minutes on it, I usually leave it on for a little (or sometimes also a lot) longer for extra help. After that, I take it off with a damp washcloth and follow up with my remaining skincare routine (which I will show you in a post that is soon to follow). I tend to use this facemask once a week, however, if my skin really needs it, it can be more often. 

And even though Origins facemasks are a little more pricey, I would totally recommend trying this one out, because it works wonders and you also get a lot of uses out of the product.

Let me know which Origin facemasks or other products you like and which ones I should try next!

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