Lush Yog Nog | Review

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

After a week of being too busy to do anything else I am finally back with a new post for you all today. Yesterday evening I finally came around to take a well-deserved and relaxing bath trying out one of the new lush products I have bought recently: The Yog Nog bath bomb. I believe that this bath bomb is from their Christmas range and, if I am not totally mistaken, it is a new product that has come out this year.

First of all, can we please all just appreciate the prettiness going on here? I really like its colour and the little details on the surface. The other thing that drew me to buy it, apart from its looks, was its scent. It is such a wonderful, spicy and all together christmassy / late autumn scent. Perfect, really, for this time of year, when you just want to light hundred candles, have a hot chocolate or a chai latte and enjoy a nice, relaxing bath.

When putting it in the bath I was a little surprised, to be totally honest here. I didn’t expect the water to turn a greenish and yellowish shade, I imagined it to be a little more orange and, quite frankly, settle. But I didn’t really mind. The only thing that I wasn’t a big fan of is the content of the bath bomb. When dissolving in the water, it revealed a bright yellow core that was really buttery and reminded me a lot of egg yolk. I know it is called Yog Nog and that it is basically a genius idea, but I the consistency was so weird that I had to crumble this part separately under running water in order to make it dissolve. And after I finished having my bath, I found this yellow slimy something all over my bathtub. To be honest, I am not really one of those people who likes to clean their tub after taking a bath and this is why I usually try to avoid glittery stuff or anything else that leaves some remain behind. So if you have a problem with that as well, I wouldn’t really recommend going for the Yog Nog bath bomb. 

All together, however, I really enjoyed this bath bomb and even though it took a little cleaning up afterwards, I think I would definitely buy it again for the Christmas time.

Have you tried Yog Nog before? Let me know what you thought of it and if there are any other must-have products I need to try soon!

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