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Saturday, October 10, 2015

WOW, It has finally happened! I am off to University! I seriously can't believe how fast my High School years have gone by (and also my holidays this summer, for that matter). Now it's October again and my courses have already started! How did this happen so fast? And where did the time go?

So I thought I would do a little update on what is going on at the moment, especially focusing on Uni. For everyone's sake, I decided to do it in a Q&A kind of style, because I know that not everybody likes to read long lifestyle and life update posts, so you can just look through the questions and read what you are interested in (I hope this makes any sense).

What Do You Study? And What Courses Do You Take?
I study both English and Law. I know, this is a lot, but I will mainly focus on getting my law degree and I will try to fit some of the English courses in, too. I actually chose English as a second study, mainly because I really love this language and its history, so it's more of a "I'm interested in it, let's do it for fun" kind of choice.
Courses I will take this semester include economical law, history of law and some general information/basics about law. For English I chose media analysis, literature studies, culture, as well as basic English classes such as listening, speaking, writing, reading, etc (which were a must!).

Where Do You Study?
I study at the University of Innsbruck (which is actually called the Leopold-Franzens-University).

Where Do You Live?
This is a little bit of a bummer, at least to me. All of my friends seem to have moved out and into their own place/student home, I, however, still live with my parents. The university is not even 15 minutes away from my home, so why should I move, right? Another reason was that I plan to do a year abroad and I don't want to have to pay for my own place, if I'm not even living in it at the moment.

How Is Uni Going To Affect Sophienderella?
Only positively, I hope. I am quite confident that I can keep up with my latest change to my blogging schedule, which is posting three times a week, and I will also do anything i can to keep this up. University is going to be a huge part of my life now, and so was High School, but blogging is still my greatest passion and I am not going to quit doing it!

What Have You Been Looking Forward To The Most?
I was really looking forward to meeting new people and making new friends. I was also looking forward to this new independence that Uni comes with, but it is also a lot more responsibility, I noticed. For me, I was and still am really excited about this new part of my life starting and I just hope to make the most of it!

I hope you enjoyed this kind of post, as it was slightly different. Do you also go to Uni? What are your experiences with it? I would love to know!

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