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Saturday, October 31, 2015

Can we please just be speechless for one moment, because of how fast October went by and this year almost comes to an end? I really can't believe that it is already November and there is only one more month to go until 2016. That's crazy!
But since it is the end of another month, and I am pretty sure I didn't do this for a while, I decided it would be quite nice to write another monthly favourites post containing both beauty and non-beauty items and things. (Okay I just realised I did do one of these last month.... never mind)

One of my all time favourite lipsticks lately has been KIKO's Intensely Lavish Lipstick in the shade 06 Melodious Wine from the Rebel Romantics collection. Yes, I love this lip product so much that I both mentioned it in last month's favourites post and in a post for its own (link here), so I am not going to ramble on about it too much. However, there is one thing I need to say about it. If you follow me on twitter you probably already know, but recently I went into town and when I sat on the bus, there was a lovely old lady sitting down next to me, smiling and saying: "Honey, I totally love you lipstick!" This made my day. I literally couldn't stop smiling for hours after this. I mean, really, how cute of her! One of the reasons why I love this lipstick so much, because I will always connect it with this lovely memory.

My eyeshadow favourite of this month is a single eyeshadow by Catrice. It is one from their Pure Chrome Eye Shadow range in the shade C03 Interstellar. This leaves you with such a perfect and settle shimmer when wearing it on its own, but it also works as a great base for any gold or coppery other shadows. Once, I also put a little bit of product on my ring finger and dabbed it lightly over a matte, brown eyeshadow. It had such a beautiful finish! Further more, this shadow doesn't crease easily and there is now fallout when applying it or when wearing it throughout the day.

The one nail polish that I have been obsessed with for the whole month was Maybelline's Super Stay 7 days nail varnish in the shade 19 Golden Brown. I actually posted a review of it in January (link here), which is quite a long time ago, but I still love it. It is the the perfect shade for when you want a slightly metallic look on you nails, but also something settle. And it stays on for over a week without chipping off, I mean how great is that? 

My last beauty product favourite is the Urban Decay All Nighter Setting Spray (link here). As you might know from reading my post on this product, I never was a huge believer in setting sprays. Until this point. Whenever I need my makeup to stay in place all day or all night long without ending up looking like a huge grease ball, I spritz a little bit of this on my face and I am good to go. 

Not that long ago actually, I went out to buy the Beauty Blender and let me tell you, why didn't I do this a long time ago? Literally everyday when applying my foundation and concealer I will use this sponge. I find myself to be a lot fast in doing my base, but it also looks a lot more natural, almost like an air brush finish. Plus I think it lasts longer. So a winner in all places an areas there are!

I have three non beauty favourites this month and I am going to start with the most exciting one for me. As you probably all know, I am a huge Harry Potter fan (I even wrote a post on the books here). The moment I found out that J. K. Rowling was working and also releasing another part of the story (two parts actually) I knew I had to see it. Last week, by accident really, I read that Priority Booking for tickets would take place on October 28th and 29th. How big are the chances, though, I thought? There will be millions of people who want to see the two plays. Nevertheless, on October 28th, I logged in on the theatre's site on immediately reading: there are over 30.000 people in the queue in front of you. Great. However, about two hours later, it finally was my turn and I actually managed to buy two tickets for both part one and part two next year in December. I know, it's a long time until then, but still. My excitement level couldn't be higher. I can't wait to go an see Harry Potter and the Cursed Child with my cousin in London next year! Eeeeek!

I also have a food favourite this month. To most of you, this might sound really weird and probably gross, but the thing I love snacking on in October was sea weed crisps. Yes, actual sea weed. It is basically just like the one from sushi, but it is dried and seasoned a little with salt and soy sauce (I believe). If you can get your hands on it and you like sushi, I would definitely recommend trying them, because they taste heavenly!

Lastly, and this is a first, I have one Blogger favourite for you. It's Charline from Charline Has A Blog. She is one of my absolute favourites and blogging friends and I love reading her posts on a daily basis. This month, I actually got to write a guest post over on her blog (link here) for her NoteToSelf series. Thank you so much, again, for this opportunity, Charline!

What are your October favourites? Tell me in the comments or leave me your blog-links below. I would love reading about them!

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