Nars Deep Throat | Review

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

(You might think: "Well that deer in the picture looks a little too christmassy for this time of year." And I have to agree, but I recently found it in a decor store in Innsbruck and I love it, so I don't care if it looks like Christmas, it's cute!)

If you have read any recent favourites posts (--> here), you will know how much I love this product. I picked up the Nars Deep Throat blush in a Sephora Rome this summer, as we don't have a Nars counter or Sephora in Austria. And ever since I bought it, I have been wearing it almost every day. 

Nars products are, at least in my opinion, really expensive. And I think I am not the only one who really had to think twice before deciding to pick up a blush for something like 40€. I mean, can this really be worth it? I definitely think yes,  it can! Surely, I wouldn't always spend so much on one single product, but as I am a blogger and I write about beauty, and I makeup is also kind of my hobby, I don't regret it a bit.

This blush as the most amazing colour. It is one of those all year 'round blushers, I think. It is neither too pink, nor too orange, neither too light, nor too dark and neither too shimmery, nor too matte. Perfect, if you ask me. I also really like that the shimmer in it is slightly golden, so it gives you a lot of warmth to your cheeks, but it isn't too golden, so you look like a weirdo when wearing it in summer. Compared with a more cool toned highlighter this makes the perfect combination. I think that this blush would fit so many people with so many different types of skin and complexion. (And the packaging? I mean, it's a dream, isn't it?)

Have you tried this blush before? What are your favourite Nars products?

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