Favourite Jewellery Pieces | Most Worn Necklaces

Thursday, October 08, 2015

Recently I have been back to wearing more jewellery, in specific necklaces. There had been a time where I was all about those big, statement necklaces, but lately, I have been into more settle and classy pieces. 

One of my absolute favourites is this pearl and gold necklace. I got this for my 18th birthday from my parents and they had this made a unique piece especially for me. I love the size of those pearls, but what I love most about it is its closure. It's made out of gold and right in the middle is this beautiful little diamond. I absolutely love it and I have been wearing it nearly every day since I got it.

My other two necklace favourites are both from Forever 21. Whenever I get to a Forever 21, I look so forward to pay the jewellery section a visit, as I completely adore it. I found those two pieces when I was shopping with my cousin in Vienna. The first and bigger one is a rather long necklace. I love the detail with the glass in its golden socket. I like to wear this one underneath a scarf, so it looks through underneath, or over a loose and simple top.
The second one is a really small, but petite and classy necklace. I love the simplicity of its design, with this little glass stone in the middle and its rose gold chain. You can wear this with pretty much everything, but I especially loved it with my mustard coloured Zara sweater (see here). 

What is your favourite piece of jewellery at the moment and where do you love to go shopping for it?

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