Maybelline Bronze BB | An Honest Review

Thursday, October 01, 2015

Today's post is another first for me. I am pretty sure I have never dedicated a whole post to a product I didn't like at all. But since I am a Blogger and I want to let you guys know what I think of certain items, products or things, I feel like I can get away with a quite more negative review today.

I bought Maybelline's Dream Bronze BB Cream way back in summer, I think it was sometime in July. When reading the description on the back of the tube, I got sucked in by the many promises this product makes and I just had to buy it. It said the BB cream was 8 in 1: it illuminates, warmes skintone, evens, veils imperfections, SPF 25, hydrates, smoothes, refreshes. 

Well, it certainly does illuminate, but in a ridiculous way. The photo doesn't even nearly pick it up. My mistake was to not try it in the store, but when I tried a little bit on my hand at home, it was a really dark brown and intensely golden colour. At this point it would probably fitting to note that I purchased the BB cream in the shade light/medium. When applying it on my face, it ended in a disaster. It was way too dark and there was shimmer all over my face and it just looked nothing like a natural bronze tan. I even tried to mix it with a foundation to lighten everything up, but i still looked like a giant disco ball. Not the look I was going for, to be honest. The only way I found myself being able to actually use this product was by applying it as a liquid bronzer/highlighter on my cheekbones.

Just to quickly go over the things that were promised: Illuminating (absolutely), Warmes Skintone (I looked like I applied a three shades too dark foundation), Evens and Veils Imperfections (I don't think my spots looked anywhere near veiled with glitter on them), SPF 25, Hydrates, Smoothes and Refreshes (Honestly, I those things would be great, if the cream didn't make me look like I put dark glitter cream on my face). 

Have you tried Maybelline's Dream Bronze BB Cream? Please tell me your experiences with it, because I would really love to know if it was just the tube I picked up, or if other people made the same experience.

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