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Friday, September 18, 2015

It feels like ages ago since I have written the last post to go up on my blog andbelieve me, I feel horrible because of that. Except for the occasional post on some random things and products, there hasn't been anything for you to read. I am truly sorry. Even though it's actually my holidays right now and I am supposed to have a lot of free time, I actually don't. And even worse, adding to me being practically busy all the time, I have also had a severe lack of motivation to do anything. Included blogging and just the whole internet thing all together. 

One thing that helped me massively was getting organised again and, as weird as it might sound, cleaning. Since most of my friends have been moving into their own places or student homes and I am still staying at home for a little while longer, I at least wanted to change my room up a little. So I decluttered every single drawer and shelf, had a massive cleaning section concerning my makeup and wardrobe and ended up throwing throwing away a lot of stuff. I can't even tell you how great it feels to see my room all fresh and new, and most importantly, free of all the useless stuff again. It was a lot of work, not gonna lie, but so totally worth it!

I also forced myself to get more healthy again and started to take walks and hikes. Even the smallest amount of sport and fresh air are a life safer to me. Also healthy eating changes a lot. I am less moody and less tired, more motivated and open to new things. Another thing that works wonders: sleep. For the last weeks, I actually went to bed between eight and nine o'clock and, if I didn't have to work, in which case I had to get up at around five, I set my alarm for eight thirty. It helped me a lot to start my day earlier with a nice cup of chai latte and a good read on Bloglovin or Twitter. 

Now, since i finished my summer job as a paralegal and since I will start University in less than three weeks, I try to get back into my usual blogging routine. And hopefully, there won't be any need for a break any time soon (or ever, preferably).

See you guys soon with new posts, starting next week!

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