Fall Fashion Staples | Shirts and Sweaters

Thursday, September 24, 2015

Believe it or not, but it is finally and also officially Autumn. And so I thought, why not do my first ever fashion post and show you my fall fashion staples? Over the last weeks I picked up some bits and bobs that are more fall appropriate and I am so excited to wear and style them.

What would autumn be without those flannel shirts? Those are honestly one of my favourite things to wear, like ever. I bought this first, slightly over sized, burgundy shirt at Pimpkie. I love to wear this one with some plain black jeans either buttoned up or open with a black top underneath. The other shirt is from H&M and I am obsessed with the blue and green colours! (I probably should have ironed it first, so, sorry about that.)

The blue and the burgundy T-shirt are both from H&M and they are pretty much identical except for the sleeves. They are both so incredibly soft and loose and I love it. Lately I really enjoyed wearing more casual things such as plain, baggy shirts and those two are definitely some of my favourites

Another fashion staple for autumn are clearly sweaters. I mean, who wouldn't get excited about that, right? Hereare two of my favourites: This lovely mustard coloured one is by Zara. It is longer in the back and the fact that you can see the seam on both sides is a detail that I really enjoy. The other dark green coloured sweater is, again, from H&M. The thing that caught my eye in the store was the little zipper in the back, which I think makes the whole sweater really cute and less simple.

I hope you enjoyed reading this post as I wasn't really sure about it, because, as you know, I am no fashion blogger and thus not really an expert on those kind of posts. 
What are your favourite fall fashion pieces and where do you love to go shopping for autumn?

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