Travel Announcement | Month of July

Thursday, July 02, 2015

Hello everyone! I really hope you are all having an amazing summer. 
Today's post will be a little different, as it will be a short update on what is going on in my life at the moment and also some information on the upcoming month of July.

As you might know, I graduated from High School last month and so finally finished school! I can't even tell you how excited and happy I am about this! I even graduated with straight As in all seven subjects (and don't ask me how I did that, because I was surprised myself!). Last week, as you probably know, if you follow me on Instagram or Twitter, I went to Corfu in Greece. It was a lovely holiday, especially that it was a graduation and birthday gifts from my grand parents. Most of the time I either was on the beach or having something to eat at the bar. And I even got a tan!
Now I will be home for another week, until we go to Italy on July, 10th for whole 3 weeks! We will be going to Senigallia, Fano and even Rome. I am so looking forward to it!

This is why I have to tell you, and I am really sorry about it, that there won't be any new posts coming for you in July. I will take one month off just for me to enjoy and do nothing. But I will be back with a lot of new, great posts in August. I have been working on some really exciting things (including collaborations), that I am so looking forward when you can finally see and read them! And I will, of course, take a lot of pictures and keep you guys updated on my journey, whenever possible. 

I hope you guys are ok with this! I wish you all a great month of July and I will be back to work here on my blog in August! Thank you all for the steady support and your lovely comments and messages! 

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