Bronze Goddess Illuminating Powder Gelée | Estée Lauder

Monday, June 22, 2015

I think we all know the troubles of finding the perfect bronzer and highlighter for summer. You don't want it to look too orange or grey, or too sparkly like you were just coming from some fancy dress party. You want it to look natural, as if you had a real tan with a little bit of shimmer, just as if the sun kissed your face. That look is so hard to accomplish without spending hours in front of the mirror doing our makeup, right? So I have been on the hunt for an easy alternative, something you just put on quickly and effortless. And after quite the process of buying bronzers and highlighters and mixing them together and trying new things, I finally stumbled across the perfect in between mix: it's the Bronze Goddess Illuminating Powder Gelée by Estée Lauder (49.95 €). 

First of all, can we just appreciate for a moment how pretty the packaging and the product is? Simply gorgeous. And also the product's quality is stunning. If Estée Lauder's bronzer and highlighter had a baby, this would be it. As the name already gives away, it is not a 100 percent powder formulation, although I also wouldn't describe it as a gel. It is probably something in the middle, which makes it super easy to apply the exact right amount of product. When I first heard of a bronzer and highlighter in one I didn't think this could work at all. However, this one is just perfect. I tend to apply in the same places as I would with my regular bronzer and then I just add a little more on top of my cheek bones for an extra glow. I found that this way, it leaves you with the most natural finish and a healthy and perfect looking glow to your face. For extra definition, I sometimes you my regular bronzer to contour before I apply the Estée Lauder one.

Even though it is a really expensive product, I would totally repurchase it and recommend it to anybody, who is looking for an easy applying and effortless looking bronzer/highlighter mix for summer. I will definitely add this to my travel makeup bag for my vacation to Greece next week!

Have you tried this, or any other Estée Lauder product before?

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