Cocktail Bling | Essie Nail Polish

Thursday, June 25, 2015

I know, I know. It's not even been a month since my last post about Essie nail polishes, and yet here I am with another one. No, I am not sponsored, in case you are wondering, It just so happened that I went on a little shopping spree and couldn't stop myself from buying another one of their varnished. And what a surprise: I love it!

The original purpose of that shopping trip was to pick up some things for my holiday, because as you may know, I am in beautiful Corfu, Greece, at the moment. Since my last post on Essie polishes showed my love for all those nude colours, I thought I had to pick up a more summer appropriate polish for my vacation. I ended up buying Essie's Cocktail Bling (9.95 €). And I know, this may not seem like the brightest and most fun summer colour, but there is a little blue in there, so it counts, okay? 
You may have already noticed that I am a huge lover for nude and settle colours, so this nail varnish fulfils my criteria for the perfect colour and being appropriate for both summer and winter, day and night at the same time. As with all Essie nail polishes, it only took two coats to achieve the perfect colour and it dried really quickly. It also lasted over a week without chipping, the only reason I had to take it off, was because it was slightly growing out. Amazing! 

What is your favourite Essie nail polish at the moment? Which one would you recommend me to try next?

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