Having Troubles Falling Asleep | Tips and Tricks

Monday, June 29, 2015

I was inspired to write about the topic of having troubles falling asleep, because lately, I was suffering from this myself. Even though I used to be really tired before going to bed, as soon as I lied down I couldn't go to sleep. I would lie in my bed awake for hours and hours, thinking about all the things no one ever thinks about, until finally giving up, getting out of bed again and doing something else until my alarm clock would ring anyway. Needless to say, it was horrible. All day long I was tired and not able to be helpful to anyone.
So over the months I worked on a few little things that would help me with falling asleep, so I could avoid those awful situations. Because there is no worse feeling, than knowing you have to sleep and desperately trying, but just not being able to.

The most obvious one, at least to me, was watching some series. Because whenever I did this during the day, I automatically got tired. So every time I couldn't sleep at night, I just watched another episode of any series I was watching at the moment. Of course you always tell yourself: "don't watch TV or something like that until early in the morning", but I learnt that it is better to loose 40 minutes because of a series and then being able to sleep, rather than loosing a whole night. And this method worked almost every single time.
In case I wasn't in the mood for watching TV, I tend to grab a book and start reading. Some time, may it be sooner or later, my eyelids will get heavier and heavier until they finally shut and I fall asleep. 

One of the reasons I couldn't sleep a lot was because I had one song ringing in my ear for the whole night. To make that go away, I ended up grabbing my phone and playing this same song a couple of times, followed by other songs I liked. I even ended up creating an own "going to bed"-playlist, filled with all calming and relaxing songs, to fall asleep faster. My Iphone has this genius function, where I can just let it play music and after a certain time, it will stop it automatically so I don't have to think of it anymore.

Another thing that wouldn't let me sleep was the stress concerning the following day. I used to think of all the things I could forget and everything that could go wrong. I tended to picture one drama after the other and this just wouldn't give me peace. To help me with this problem, I went over every little detail about the following day, so I could be sure, I didn't forget anything. And most likely, just the way it is with counting sheep, you fall asleep during the process.

In order to prevent those nights completely, I have created my own little night time routine before going to bed. This helps my body to relax and prepare for sleeping. At least one hour before going to bed I use to make myself a cup of tea, light some candles, maybe watch a movie, a series, read a book, or just take a bath. Just so I have enough "me time" and can fully finish with the day and what had happened and think of nothing at all for a little while.

If you want to know more about my little night time routine, let me know! Also I hope this helped you a little, in case you are suffering from the same thing. What do you do to prevent/help it?

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