Skincare Miracles

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Lately, my skin hasn't been at its best. Due to a lot of stress, it broke out a lot,  developed a few dry patches here and there and was in general completely irritated. For me, this meant it was time to change up me skincare routine and products. I thought, since my skin was reacting so badly to all the influences, that maybe some old, well-known treats would be better than completely new discoveries. A few years ago, when I started getting into makeup and skincare, I used to like products by the brand La Roche-Posay. They have a range of very beneficial products for both young and old, compatible for basically every skin type. So I went to a pharmacy nearby and bought three products to save my skin.

Gel Demaquillant Physiologique (around 12 £)
Cleaning Gel
After taking my makeup off, I use this cleanser to wash my face. It feels really soothing and fresh on the skin. Even though it doesn't lather up (a lot), it gets the job done very well and after washing it off, my face feels incredibly clean and soft. Besides that, this cleanser also smells amazing (it's a really clean scent rather than anything fruity) and it doesn't break me out, like other scented cleansers do, but it even helps to reduce it.

Effaclar H (around 14 £)
Multi-Compensating Soothing Moisturiser
I don't believe I have ever loved a moisturiser this much, not even the Vichy Normaderm one. It is simply perfection. Since I have combination skin (quite oily in the T-zone and sometimes a few tiny, dry patches under the eyes or on the cheeks, for example), it is often tricky to find a good moisturiser. This one is neither too drying nor moisturising and I use it as both a day and night cream. You also don't need to apply too much and it sinks in really quickly and leaves the skin feeling amazingly soft.

Effaclar A.I. (around 10 £)
Targeted Breakout Corrector
At first I was a bit shocked. Over 10£ for only 15ml seems a lot to me, since I have an average student budget. However, a little (to be honest, the tiniest amount) goes a long way with this product. It is like a thick cream, which I apply on spots, red patches, blackheads, irritations, just basically everywhere my skin doesn't look too happy. And it works wonders. I have never ever been able to get rid of spots that fast! Furthermore, my skin tends to scar easily after breakout and you are still able to see them for a long time, even if the spots have already gone. This cream helps with this problem perfectly. No more scars and red spots. No more spots at all, to be honest!

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