How I Organize my Workspace

Sunday, May 17, 2015

One of the most important things, if not the most important one, for me to get motivated and focused for work is an organized workspace. I can't stand chaos on my desk or in my little office space/room in general. I like things to be in their own, specific place, so when I need them, I know exactly where they are. Structure in places I spend a lot of time in makes me happy and feel relaxed and less stressed out sometimes. There are some little things and details that make a huge difference to me concerning structure and order:

The less things on the table/workspace, the better!
I really enjoy looking at pictures on Pinterest where people have those work spaces with hundreds of colourful pads and pens and clips and whatever else on them. For me, on the other hand, I couldn't possibly get to work and focus there. I feel like the more things are out in plain sight, the more distraction there is and also way less structure. I instantly get the feeling of something being an "organized chaos" and if there is any kind of chaos involved, no matter how organized, I simply can't work with it or next to it. 
On my desk I usually only have my iMac, a box of tissues, a lamp and a little white owl which I got as a present sometime last year. (You might think now: She just said the less, the better, why is there and obviously pointless bird on her desk? Well, you are absolutely right. However, I think, a little bit of deco prevents things from getting boring and nothing to look at while working is just as bad as too much to look at.) In the corner of my workspace I also have a little kettle (because I am an absolute tea addict), lots of different kinds of tea, mugs and all that stuff. On the other end of my desk, there is a little cabinet/cart thing with four drawers (that's where I keep all of my stationary things such as pens, paper, various brushes and art related stuff, as I am a real art freak and like to paint and craft a lot). On top of it I usually keep one candle, another little, white owl sculpture (can you tell I'm obsessed with owls?), my stereo, two really cute succulents in jars and a white, simple vase where I like to have some flowers. 

Not too many colours, yet not too boring either!
As you probably already noticed before (and also by looking at the picture above), I don't have a lot of colours sitting on my desk. Don't get me wrong, I really love all the colours, the brights and neons, the settle ones and everything in between. Not on my workplace, though. I can't focus at all when there are so many things and colours going on around me and I also find that too many colours make everything go very uneasy (including my mood). So when choosing colours, I go for cool toned ones such as a light green (the colour of the wall behind my desk), or blue (like the painting I have above my workplace), as they tend to be very relaxing. Thus, for my desk itself, I chose the really simple, yet classy combination of greys, white and a little brown and black. 

Plants brighten everything up and add a certain something to a room/place!
As mentioned before, I have those two, little succulents in jars on my desk and a vase with cut flowers next to them. Wherever there are flowers or plants in a room, I instantly feel happier and, at least in my mind, it brightens everything up and adds something very special to a place. I also find it quite inspiring and they don't only look amazing, but they also smell really nice. Besides from those few plants on my desk and workspace, I also have an orchid and another few little grass plants and flowers in this room. Especially when winter is over, flowers are a must in my office area!

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