Granny Takes A Dip | Lush Bathbomb Review

Monday, May 25, 2015

It is really no secret that I love Lush products. However, in all those years of buying, using and trying new things from their range, I have never ever had the one bath bomb called "Granny Takes A Dip". I don't know if it was because of its different shape or maybe also because of the smell, as there are others that I clearly prefer more. Nevertheless, last time I walked into Lush, and this happen shockingly often, the lady in the shop talked me into buying this bath bomb (along with a couple of other products). 

Now that I tried it for the first time, I have to say, even if the smell isn't my favourite, the colours and patterns it creates in the water are truly beautiful. I sat next to my bathtub and watched the whole thing dissolve for so long before actually stepping into the bath, as I didn't want to destroy the design. And even then, when it's all mixed together, it leaves the water beautifully coloured. To be honest, it reminded me a little of the Twilight bath bomb. It was the same, dark purple colour, just the glitter was missing (which I actually quite prefer). One more thing that I loved about Granny Takes A Dip is, that when leaving the bath, my skin felt really soft and nourished. With some of Lush's bath bombs you can even tell and notice how different the water itself feels. Amazingly soft and gentle, and this bath bomb was definitely one of those!

However, even though I really enjoyed it, I am not quite sure I would buy it again for myself. There are still multiple other bath bombs I would rather choose. Nevertheless, a very nice bath bomb that leaves you with great results.

Have you ever tried Granny Takes A Dip? What did you think of it?

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