My New Favourite Primer

Sunday, April 19, 2015

For me, as a girl with quite the oily skin, sometimes more, sometimes less, using a primer befor applying my foundation is essential. Without it, my makeup won't last long before dissolving and leaving especially my T-zone really greasy looking. Not the ideal look someone would be going for, is it? 

Over the time, I have tried quite the selection of different primers. And, about two months ago, I found myself the perfect one for my skin. It is the old classic, the Smashbox Photo Finish Primer. I know that I am actually quite late to jump on the bandwagon with this, as it is a very popular and also well-talked primer. 

Before discovering this jewel, I was unsing the Porefessional by Benefit for a long time. The reason why I like the Smashbox one better, is because I feel it prevents my skin from going oily a lot longer than the Benefit primer. With the Porefessional I always had the feeling it focuses more on hiding the pores (obviously) rather than doing anything else. And it could just be me here, but it didn't stop my skin from going oily and gross really fast. I don't find that with the Smashbox primer. It stayes on, prevents oil and just helps my makeup last for ages. However, if I really want my pores covered and being almost invisible, I will go for the Benefit Primer. 

During the day, I basically reach for the Photo Finish primer every time. For a night out, however, I will use a mixture of both Benefit and Smashbox, wich tends to work wonders and provides a flawless finish all night.

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