From Winter to Spring [Makeup]

Sunday, April 26, 2015

When spring comes around I always get to urge to change my makeup-routine drastically. I feel, since the flowers start to blossom and the weather gets warmer, since everywhere more colours appear, I also want to "evolve" and "flourish" a little (does this make any sense? Hopefully...) And one of the things I really need to change is my makeup-routine. In winter, I always tend to use lots of shimmery, bronze and gold colours. I like to wear a real defined look with a dark lip. In spring, however, that is absolutely not what I'm going for. So here are a few bits and bobs that are easily replaced and changed, yet make a huge difference.

The first and probably most obvious one is: use a bright blusher! I always go for the girly and pink shades and apply them on the apples of my cheeks (as any normal human being would do with a blusher). I just feel that this gives the complexion way more vividness and it lets you look so much more awake and healthy and just ready for spring. 'Cause let's be honest: Who doesn't like some cute-looking, flushed cheeks on a warm and sunny spring day? I have two blushes that I especially like to use in spring time. One of them is shimmery and the other one matt. Still, both of them are perfectly pink (see what I did there?) and so easy to apply and blend. The first one is the Glowing Goddess Shimmer Powder by Maxfactor in the shade Pink Paradise. This one really reminds me of the Bobbi Brown Shimmer Bricks. The other one is a relatively new one (it is from the new MAC Toledo collection) and it is one of their Ombre Blushes in the shade Kindergarten Red

The next thing that I replace as soon as spring comes around the corner is my dark lipsticks with way brighter colours. I did an entire Blogpost on this last Wednesday, so I'm not going to ramble on about it for any longer, I'm just going to link the post here for you to read.

Really essential for me is to change up my eye makeup. As I mentioned before, when it's winter time, I really like to wear the golden, bronze and quite shimmery look on my eyes. (Maybe, if you have read my blog for a little while now, you will remember the tutorial I did on my Winter Makeup Routine). However, now, that spring is here, I like to go with brighter and clearly more natural colours like my Estee Lauder cream eyeshadow in 03 Pink Zinc, or a single shadow by Maybelline in the shade 309. On some days, when I feels extra ready for spring and summer, I add a pop of colour to my eye makeup and therefor I really like the Maybelline eyeshadow in 633.

In general I find that the more natural and simple the makeup look is, the better for spring. Sure, adding certain pops of colour is really important and also prevents you from looking like wearing no makeup at all. But you don't want to wear a look that makes people turn around and go "What the hell did she do with her makeup? That's way too much!" That's not what anyone is going for is it? And one more thing: Don't forget to use a foundation or a BB-cream with SPF!

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