Being Confident With Who You Are

Sunday, April 12, 2015

Being confident with the person you are is a real important key to happiness in life. It may also sound very easy: Just be confident, they say. Just do your thing and don't care about others, they say. But most of us know that this isn't nearly as easy as it sounds. 

For me, self confidence has always been a massive problem. I am one of those people who always try to fit in, no matter what and are willing to change every single thing about themselves that makes them who they are, just for having a little moment of so called "acceptance". I was completely okay with becoming a different person, to adapt new habits and let old ones, even good old ones fall behind. Just to be able to say: I fit in here, I belong. But that is nonsense! 
Now I know, that this is the complete wrong way to deal with it. People will like you for the person you are and not they person you could be after putting a lot of unnecessary effort into it. I have learnt that true friends will stay by your side no matter what and that they would never ever want to change you just for their likings. You are not a toy that everybody can play with a little and as soon as they get bored they can drop you and walk away. Because that is exactly what happens if you try so desperately to fit in somewhere you actually don't even belong. Those people who don't like you the way you are, will never like you anyway, no matter how much you change for them. And no one is worth to stick with such people who just pretend and use one. 
And this is also the key to self confidence! Be the person you are, because your true friends will always like you! 

It took me, personally, really long to realise that. However, now, that I have, I don't care anymore what others think. I really just focus on being myself and, all to my surprise, there are many people who do like me better this way, than the old, "always changing for others" - Sophie. And those are the people I can relay on, who make me feel comfortable with myself and just boost my self confidence.

There are always days and situations where I have to overcome some of my fears. I'll give you an example: A few days ago I wanted to do my workout, but the weather outside was so beautiful, that I decided to do it in the garden instead of inside the house as usual. In the beginning I was scared, as I didn't know what the neighbours would thing, when they saw me. But I did it anyway and felt really good afterwards, as I was confident with myself and discovered that there is nothing wrong with it. These are things everyone has to face constantly, but you can grow with those situations and learn from them.

One thing, that helped me get my self confidence back the most, was starting this blog and Sophienderella. I always loved to write, but I never dared to publish anything, as I feared others would judge me.  But one day I gathered every bit of courage I had and signed up on Blogger to create this little spot on the Internet. I never thought anyone would no
tice it (and I also was scared that somebody would), but now I am so happy I did this and that I can reach out to others who enjoy reading what I have written down. (This is still really surprising to me and I enjoy this so much, Thank You!) Sure, there is not only positive feedback, but as I mentioned before, there will always be people to judge, but there will also be people who like what you are doing and that is all that counts!

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