Lush Addict

Sunday, March 15, 2015

It probably comes as no surprise to anybody when I hereby officially declare myself as a severe Lush addict. Their range of products contains so many great and different things. There is always something for everybody and every occasion. I love that when I enter a Lush store I'm finding myself in the middle of this colourful (and also amazingly smelling) place. I just instantly get happy. This is basically what I love most about lush. No matter how you feel. There is always something that will cheer you up, help you relax or is simply just perfect when you are in a great mood already. It is amazing that one can choose from such a variety of different products: Bath Bombs, Bubble Baths, Massage Bars, Soap, Shower Gel, Hair Shampoo, Face Masks (just skincare in general), Makeup, and I didn't even get started there! 

Every time I walk past the Lush store in my hometown Innsbruck, I sense that urge of having to go in and buy loads of things. This is, to be honest, not the best thing for my budget, but certainly for my skin and my general mood and wellbeing. I really have to keep myself from going absolutely crazy in there, especially when there is a new season coming and the products change a little. To walk out and having bought nothing at all, that has never happened before. 
Let me show you now some of the products I can never resist buying!

My all time favourite Bath Bomb is, without any doubt, the Twilight Bath Bomb. I choose this one whenever I need a pick me up, when I want to relax, or also when I can't decide which one to use. This is my go-to Bath Bomb of choice. It smells so incredibly good and sweet, without being too overwhelming. Also the colour it turns you water into is gorgeous. This beautifully dark purple with the blue undertones and the slight glitter to it. You certainly do feel like an elegant vampire when you use that Bath Bomb.

Another favourite of mine that is a little less exciting is the Butter Ball (or also the Butter Bear in the winter time). It's got this light but still very relaxing scent to it and with the little bits and bobs in it, it treats your skin so nicely. 

Recently I bought the Sakura Bath Bomb and I haven't tried it out yet, but it is supposed to be a florally scented one with a lot of beneficial salts and oils for the skin. I am so looking forward to trying this one out, as the jasmine, lemon and mimosa smell so amazing (I will keep you posted on how this works out!)

Moving on to Bubble Baths. I was so excited when I spotted the Unicorn horn this Valentine's Day in Lush. This is such a fun product to use. It brightens the mood instantly. I tend to cut it in half to get more use out of it and half of the horn still is perfectly enough for one bath. Another Bubble Bath that I love so much is the Green Bubbleroon. Same goes for this one, although this is a more citrus-scented than sweet and it is way simpler but still so nice. I also use half of the product for one bath. 

The last thing I want to talk about are Facemasks by Lush. I fell in love with the chocolate one called Cupcake. I pop this in my fridge to store it there. When I want to do a facemask I simply take it out a short time before to let it warm a little. After this I just put it on my face and let it sit there for about 15 to 20 minutes. After that I wash it off with a face cloth and warm water. It leaves the skin so soft and smooth and really helps to reduce and treat spot on the face.

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