February Favourites

Sunday, March 01, 2015

A month has passed again and it is time for me to tell you all about my February Favourites. This month, I didn't really try out a lot of new things, so it was a little hard for me to gather some thing I really loved without repeating my January Favourites again. Nevertheless, there were a few things that haven't been mentioned before and that I am going to tell you all about. These are, however, more life related than beauty or fashion.

I will start off with my two beauty related items of this month. You probably didn't know this, but EOS first launched their lip balms in Austria not long ago so I immediately went out to try them. I picked the "Blueberry Acai" one up and I absolutely love it. It smells and tastes amazing, so I literally apply it every 5 minutes (and it works really well, too! It hydrates amazingly and leaves my lips really soft).  The other beauty favourite of mine is also a lip product. Just recently I went to town to do a little bit of shopping and couldn't help myself, but buying another MAC lipstick. I chose the colour "Polished Up" from their Lustre Line. It is an amazing dark-brown shade with a little bit of shimmer and shine to it. Absolutely worth it, as I am in love with darker, but still natural colours lately.

My food favourite in February have been the Milka "Löffel-Eier". These are basically chocolate eggs filled with either milk or another kind of chocolate. Yes, I know that Easter isn't here yet and that this should be the time to resist sweets, but for me, I couldn't help myself and I just had to eat those. They are just way too delicious to miss them, as they only are sold in the time before Easter.

I have been listening to two songs all the time this month. The first one is "The Nights" by Avicii and the other one is "Glory" from the movie Selma by  John Legend.

Just like every other month, there has been a series that I have been obsessed with. This time it was Once Upon A Time. It is such a magical story. I loved how all those Disney and Grimm-fairytale characters showed up in every single episode. You truly wouldn't guess it and then you are surprised every time again when someone new is introduced. And as you probably guessed: Yes, I managed to watch all four seasons this month, because I am that much of a helpless series-addict. But still: it is really worth watching!

The last favourite I want to talk about is my all time favourite of the whole month. And when I think about it, I don't know how I could miss it all the other times I wrote a blogpost about my favourites: The Twilight Bath Bomb by Lush. It is my most beloved bath bomb that Lush sells and as soon as I use one, I immediately go out and buy another one. It smells heavenly and the colours it leaves the water with are so beautiful. Whenever I need to relax and want to take a bath, chances are about 90% that I will choose this bath bomb over all the other ones I have at home. (But I won't talk about this one now for ages, even though I could, but a own post on Lush-articles, my favs and even a little haul is coming you way soon ;).

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