Most Worn: Necklaces

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

For something a little bit different I thought about doing a Fashion-Trilogy called "Most Worn: *** ". And this week's post is  all about my favourite piece of fashion and accessory: Necklaces.

For me necklaces are staple items and I wear one almost every single day (at least 8 out of 10). You can change an outfit completely just by adding a necklace or maybe even layer up multiple ones. You can dress something up with them, but you can also dress something down. And most importantly, you can let something appear less boring and give it your own touch and style.

I am personally a huge fan of statement-necklaces. My two absolute favourites actually look quite similar (okay not only quite, they are pretty much the same). I got the golden and clear one from a little jewelry story in my hometown and as you can probably see, it is well loved and used. I got the other one quite recently actually from H&M (I mentioned it in a haul earlier). I really love the pastel coloured flower in the middle and the dark blue of the others. Most of the times I pare it with either a denim blouse or a plain white one.

Even though I love my statement-necklaces, I also like to go back to the small, simple and classic basics some times. Both of the thin golden necklaces I showed you are from bijou brigitte and I got them for a real bargain (I also did a haul where I mentioned them, but this one is quite a while ago). The shorter one with the little golden arch and the small clear gems dangling from it is by far my most used and loved necklace ever. I wear this with absolutely everything, be it to school with a simple top, but I even wore it to a prom and also a night club some times.

Don't we just all have that one chain-necklace that we wore every single day? There was that time when everyone had one of these, so I decided to go with the trend and I still like to wear it sometimes. Mine is from H&M and as you probably notice, It has also been worn quite a lot.

The last necklace I really like to wear is a special one to me. It is a heart shaped one from Swarovski that my uncle bought me for my birthday two years ago. It is so simple but classic and you can pare this with everything. Either a simple white or black top, or also a nice dress looks really great with it.

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