Living Your Life Healthy

Sunday, February 08, 2015

This year I really want to stick to my New Year’s Resolutions. One of them involves getting healthier. Last year I have been ill a lot of time, I had to take antibiotics more than three times in less than half a year and my tolerance for stress was just non-existing. I really felt the need to change this by eating healthier (which means waving fast food and snacking on popcorn regularly goodbye) and also getting more active by doing sports. So I set myself the goal to work out regularly and look out for my health and so far, I have to say, this really worked for me.

In January I discovered this app called Nike+Training Club (which is free, if you want to download it from the App Store). For me it was really challenging to stick to a training- or work out plan, as I have absolutely no idea how to generate those. Neither did I know anything about any small exercises or how to schedule them. This app, however, changed this completely. It comes with so many workouts you can choose from. They vary in their length, the calories you burn, or also the area you want them to work on. You can focus on getting more strength, loosing weight, training certain muscles or just releasing stress. And if you don’t know how often you should work out a week or how to choose from this whole variety from different workouts, the app also provides a service where it generates a 4-week programme for you. This is what I did and it worked perfectly for me.

I have now completed one of these programmes and I am really proud of myself that didn’t fall out halfway through it (even though I couldn’t do two workouts as I was feeling not so well for a few days). I feel way more energetic and healthy and I can also see small improvement on my body and shape. In the beginning there was no way that I could have done push-ups for one minute straight (this is really sad, I know) but now I have no problem doing this or even a little longer.

I also started changing my meal plan (I am linking here a video by Essie Button to see some great healthy and still tasty foods). Fast Food had to be cancelled and I really managed this quite well. Of course there were some days this last month where I had a naughty snack and ate popcorn or nachos or loads of chocolate, but it really was limited to just a few days in January. And I instantly could feel the difference it made. I feel more active and healthy; I can focus on things more easily and I noticed that my immune system had improved massively. A huge win there and I will definitely continue doing so!

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