January Favourites

Wednesday, February 04, 2015

This month's favourites will be more life-related things than beauty products. In January I didn't wear makeup a lot and I had a really cosy month, so there haven't been any special products that I have been loving this month. (You can check out my last monthly favourites post to see more beauty related stuff here).

This month I really got into organizing things more and the one true love I came across was my Filofax that i had gotten for Christmas. Words cannot describe how much I adore this planner and I use it every single day. To use with my Filofax I bought myself lots of washy tape and I really enjoy sticking this anywhere I can think of and writing on it. I really tried to get more into reading this month and my new kindle e-book reader is helping me loads. At the moment I am reading Gillian Flynn's Gone Girl and A Long Way Down by Nick Hornby. Since I've gotten a new iPhone 6 for Christmas and I am such a clumsy person, my cousin bought me this really adorable phone case with this absolutely cute owl on it.

My favourite series this month has been Hannibal. I finished watching it today and I really can't wait until the third season comes out! My favourite movie this month has been Monsieur Claude and his daughters. I really like how this film shows so many common prejudices but also lets us now that they are completely unnecessary and wrong. For my last favourite for the month of January I thought I would select one YouTube video that I really loved. This was an Essie Button Vlog called "Aslan embarrasses me". (Click here to watch it). On the one hand I had to laugh so hard while watching it, but on the other hand it was also really cute and heart-warming to see how Reggie and Essie were happy and had a really nice time.

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